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Privateer Moto Worx is an affordable, full service athlete management agency.  We do our best to represent and market you professionally.  Privateer Moto Worx gives you the best exposure in the industry, while making contacts with corporate sponsors that are interested in you. We work as hard as hard as you do, and over time, your value will increase.

Unlike other online sponsorship sites, we provide a service that is personal, customizable, and guaranteed to get you results.   If sponsors were to look at your personal networking page (sponsorhouse/hookit, myspace, facebook), would they be likely to sponsor you based on your pictures and information? 

Athlete management is an important part of the industry. It is an essential step in order to be taken seriously, and to become a professional athlete.

Lets be realistic. Who has time to contact sponsors when your busy riding, training, maintaining your equipment, and having a life?

We guarantee you will get more out of your racing career by using Privateer Moto Worx.